What’s Good for the Goose, is also Good for the Gander. Should US Women’s Soccer Goalie, Hope Solo, Be Suspended from the National Team?

In June of this year, Hope Solo, goalkeeper for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, was arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from an incident in which her 17-year-old nephew and half-sister sustained injuries.

According to the police report, Ms. Solo was the primary aggressor and instigator of an assault at a family party that left her sister and nephew with noticeable injuries to their heads and faces. After pleading not guilty; her trial is set for November.

But Solo was on the field Thursday night as the U.S. beat Mexico 4-0 in a friendly match in Rochester, N.Y.  She was even given the honor of wearing the captain’s armband in celebration of her setting the team’s career record for shutouts in its previous game.

The question is why.

In light of what is currently occurring in the NFL, celebrating Solo’s achievement right now is like allowing running back Ray Rice to continue to play for the Baltimore Ravens — and then awarding him the game ball for his next 100-yard game.

One cannot argue any differences between an NFL player involved in domestic dispute and Ms. Solo brawling with her family, both qualify as domestic violence.

The glaring contrast in Solo’s case is that while several football players recently accused of assaults have been removed from the field, she has been held up for praise by the national team.

There is a growing clamor of media voices calling for an athlete accused of domestic violence to be pulled from competition until the case is resolved. But unlike the recent stories that have unfolded in the NFL, this time the call is for the U.S. women’s national soccer team to suspend goalie Hope Solo.

What do you think? Should Hope Sole be suspended from the U.S. National Soccer Team?