Romano on Sports: Merry Christmas

Christmas is upon us,
            Behold the lots at the Malls.
One must check the list twice,
            On must ‘Deck the Halls’.
Bake cookies and wrap gifts,
            All signed ‘From Santa Clause’,
On must not dawdle,
            On must not pause.
Sales, bargains, and discounts,
            Look at all these great buys.
One must stay focused,
            One knows that money and time flies.
Charge presents, favors, and stuffers,
            ‘For it is better to give than to receive.’
One must hasten and hurry,
            One must finish before Christmas Eve.
But before the pine tumbles,
            And decorations are taken from the wall.
One must look around,
            One must enjoy the season – it’s the best gift of all.

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