Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban’s Daughter Sued After Fight With Sorority Sister

Kristen Saban, daughter of University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, has been sued by her Phi Mu sorority sister, Sarah Grimes.  Per Ms. Grimes’ lawsuit, she claims she suffered numerous injuries during a fight with Kristen Saban and seeks damages in an amount of no less $10,000.

According to the pending lawsuit, after the two participated in a drinking game known on college campuses as “Power Hour”, Ms. Saban became upset because her former boyfriend was not paying her enough attention. Ms. Grimes allegedly told her to “shut up” since everyone was tired of hearing about it.” In a mature response to being told to “shut up”, Ms. Saban allegedly posted on her Facebook page “No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!”  (Remember, they are college students, not 8th graders)

The two eventually exchanged words, leading to Ms. Saban punching Grimes multiple times and pulling her hair. She continued to attack Grimes even when another friend attempted to pull her away.  Ms. Grimes was treated in an on-campus emergency room for her injuries, but at the time chose not to press criminal charges.  However, Ms. Saban did plead guilty to the assault in the school’s judicial affairs office and was ordered to take psychological testing.

Ms. Saban’s attorneys seek to dismiss the suit claiming Ms. Saban’s actions were in self-defense.

Kristen Saban’s father, Nick Saban, is the highest paid football coach at a little more than $5.3 million per season.