“King James” Lebron

LeBron James finally won his first NBA title last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It took him longer than he would have hoped and that others anticipated, (nine NBA seasons) but it happened. Let’s all take a moment of silence for his first championship. Now that we just wasted yet another moment of our lives thinking about LeBron, I would like to address one question that has been on my mind since LeBron entered the league in 2003. “Who died and made LeBron James ‘King?’” His self-inflicted nickname, “King James,” is inappropriate and too cliché for his own goodWhat is a king without a ring? A king in my mind is an all-powerful being who rules for an extensive time period. LeBron hadn’t even put on a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey before signing a $90 million dollar contract with Nike. He was deemed King James before ever lacing up his sneakers for his first NBA game. Who made him ruler of a league he hadn’t even played for yet? And shouldn’t the king be the one with the most rings? This would make Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell king with 11 rings.

Everyone who knows the game of basketball would say that Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever play the game. Michael won 6 championships in the 1990’s with the Chicago Bulls. It did take Michael six years to finally win a championship, but he never deemed himself king. I guess media exposure has certainly sparked with the advances in technology, but that is no excuse to call yourself a king.

So LeBron’s first title was certainly a weight lifted off his back as he has grown to be a hated player in the NBA for the way he left Cleveland in 2010. When he joined the Miami Heat in 2010, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron had a press-frenzy in the summer at the Miami Heat’s arena. This is when LeBron announced that the Heat are going to win multi-championships saying: “Not two, not three… not six, not seven..” Well LeBron, you have one. Let’s start with that.

By Stephen Bower
Student Assistant
The Romano Sports & Entertainment Agency

One thought on ““King James” Lebron

  1. Interesting and not totally surprising take on LBJ’s championship. HOWEVER, you can’t say it’s a “self-inflicted” nickname (great word choice btw, like a double edged sword) and then go on and say he was deemed King James (which would insinuate by others, usually a higher power, in this case big media and/or NIKE) I doubt that it was his choice to take on the moniker King James, but he was supposed to be GREAT and his name is James… what else are you gonna do if you’re NIKE. You need a put your faith in a second-coming (or a second second-coming behind Kobe) There are like no other famous James’s. (Maybe they should have called him Lebron “Rick” James because he’s RICH like him, or Lebron James “Dean” cause he’s cool) King James is PERFECT from a marketing standpoint. PLUS King’s are not necessarily all-powerful, rather they impose their will and subjects have no choice but to go along with it (which he does, have you seen him drive the lane?!?!? Will Imposed, or Foul, either or) King’s also have faults. They aren’t Gods, though people expect them to be. I think it kinda fits (and yes it did come on too early, but it was catchy)

    While I can NEVER argue THE Mr. Bill Russell is or was anything less than AMAZING as a ball player and person, his league and Lebron’s league are like comparing apples and elephants! Even the league in Jordan’s day is different from today’s league. 6 championships, 2 three-peats with time off in the middle, unmatchable it would seem, HOWEVER, if you look at the real impact these types of players had on the league, it was how they CHANGED the game. EVERYone who played against them had to gameplan over and over against them specifically or perish trying. Lebron is approaching that level in my mind. Wade had that in ’06. Teams (especially Dallas) simply could not stop him. KOBE, IVERSON, (sadly) PIERCE and the big 3 in Boston, DURANT, DUNCAN/GINOBLI/PARKER, MAGIC, SHAQ all GREAT in my book because they did just that and maintained that greatness for seasons. Not just one playoff run.

    LBJ’s biggest issue was he let things get to him so that the KILL SWITCH every great athlete had would get overloaded and switch off like a fuse box, and he couldn’t turn it back on. But the teams he took so incredibly far in Cleveland with basically no supporting cast (save one year where he had a half-decent team) was no small feat, but he had NO ONE to teach him how to finish, no one to help him climb that last hurdle. No older leader, no great coach, NOTHING. He didn’t even have a college coach or experience to pull from. HE IS GREAT. Is he the best? NO, not by a long shot, not yet. But give him SOME credit. He’s found a home with friends, with experience, with a young smart, energetic coach, with some experience on the bench. I Like his chances to win a few (maybe not seven) but certainly make a case for him to be, dare I say, a top 10 player of all-time if he keeps his pace up.

    PHEW, ok back to work.

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