Sandusky Is Now Facing Men In Court – No Longer Young Boys In Showers

Jerry Sandusky is not controlling little boys anymore, now he is dealing with grown men – as exemplified by Victim No. 4’s testimony this past Monday.

The witness, who was only a 13-year-old boy when he met Sandusky, is now a 28-year-old man.  When defense counsel asked this man whether the former Penn State defensive coordinator treated him “like a son”, Victim No. 4 just shook his head. “He treated me like a son in front of other people, aside from that, he treated me like his girlfriend.”

For over five hours No. 4 recapped how Sandusky first met him when he was a troubled teenager at a Second Mile charity picnic. When a bunch of kids went swimming in a lake, Sandusky joined them, and during a game where he’d throw the children in the air, the witness first realized something was wrong.

“He’d kind of pretend like he was having trouble getting a good grip,” No 4 said. “And as he was grabbing you he would brush your genitals and then throw you.”

During the two-person shower sessions, Sandusky would grope the young man, forced contact with private parts and even have absurd “wrestling” matches, where Sandusky would pin the 90-pound boy in compromising positions.

“Combination of the oral sex or just groping me,” the witness said. “Sometimes there would be no oral sex that would happen but he’d be between my thighs kissing them like I was a girl.”

WOW:   Unless the defense intends to impeach Victim No. 4 by catching him in multiple lies, No. 4 did some significant damage to the Sandusky – Actually, he laid Sandusky out, right in his own face.

No. 4 testified that fear, confusion and thoughts that he would be mocked at school were the reasons why he didn’t report the incidents.  In addition, Sandusky offered gifts, trips and unheard of access to Penn State football, including team locker rooms, charter flights, hotels, bowl trips and sideline passes.

“It’s not that simple, you just can’t say, ‘OK, I’m done.'” There was also the odd mix of being so excited about getting to be part of the Penn State program (“I was like the mascot”) that he could block out the shower sessions.

The amazing part, there are seven more alleged victims scheduled to testify against Sandusky.  Each of them may have been a child who was once afraid and cowered to Sandusky  – but now, as No. 4’s testimony indicates, the remaining seven are grown up men, all strong, fearless and unafraid of telling it all.

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