Commissioner Stern Postpones the Opening of NBA Training Camps.

Kobe, Lebron, Dwight and the gang – no need to pack up your sneakers and sweats– Commissioner David Stern has decided to postpone NBA training camps indefinitely and canceled 43 preseason games because the Owners and the NBPA have not come to terms regarding a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Yes that is correct, training camps will not open on October 3, 2011 and all preseason games from October 9-15, 2011 are canceled.

“We have regretfully reached the point on the calendar where we are not able to open training camps on time and need to cancel the first week of preseason games,” NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said. “We will make further decisions as warranted.”

Cancellations were inevitable after the owners and players ended negotiations this week without a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

During the week’s negotiations, the NBA owners offered the players’ union a 46% share of basketball-related revenue, 11% less than they received per the last CBA.  The players’ union offered to reduce its percentage to 54%, with the stipulation that a mechanism would be installed to reward the players if future revenue increased.  (Players were guaranteed 57% under the previous CBA).  In addition, the owners, who claim to have lost $300 million last season, have been seeking a hard salary cap, a condition the players have been unwilling to accept.

Both sides will sit down and try again next week, since a new deal is needed by the middle of October to avoid canceling regular season games.

Asked if he thought things were far enough along to still believe that was possible, commissioner David Stern said: “I don’t have any response to that. I just don’t. I don’t know the answer.”

4 thoughts on “Commissioner Stern Postpones the Opening of NBA Training Camps.

  1. Hey Mr Romano,
    Nice blog you got going here! I was disappointed that the NBA wasn’t able to make a deal – it not only affects the players and coaches but also the millions of fans around the world, along with media outlets that use the NBA for advertising and marketing strategies etc. Anyway, I was reading this article today
    and I actually understood a lot of the vocabulary/issues involved, no doubt thanks to the Sports Management Course I took this summer. Made me think of your blog and I wondered if you wrote a piece on the NBA lockout, which is how I ended up here!

    I hope all is well

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