Welcome to MetLife Stadium

MetLife has agreed to terms for the naming rights to the New Meadowlands Stadium, the home of the New York Football Giants and New York Jets.  The deal is valued at $20 million a year for 20 years and will be officially announced early next week.  Representatives from the Met Life Insurance Company, both the Jets and Giants and a “number of star players” are expected to attend the announcement.

MetLife is currently a cornerstone partners in a deal worth $7M annually.  Per the terms of the new deal, the name of the stadium will be changed MetLife Stadium.

One thought on “Welcome to MetLife Stadium

  1. Oh colleen, you reinmd me of my friend we went to a detriot tigers game(last school year for a grade trip) and well, both she and i aren’t very sportsy people and i was like what does it mean to strike out again and she was like i don tknow and so we asked a teacher what does strikeout mean?(yes..we’re are THAT clueless lolz) it was SO funny (:Thanks for bringing back mem for me and i LOVE your vlogs! NEVER STOP VLOGGING! Can you do another vlog SOON!? Love you colleen and family

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