NFL Owners Vote to Have a Football Season – What Will the Players Do?

National Football League Owners voted 31-0 to accept the proposed 10-year collective bargaining agreement, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining, leaving the end to the NFL Lockout in the hands of the players.

The deal negotiated consist of the following major terms:

  • Ten-year deal, through the 2020 season
  • New league year would begin on Wednesday
  • Players receive 48 percent of revenue in first portion of deal
  • $120 million salary cap; team minimum 89 percent ($106.8M) as long as league spends 99 percent ($3.8 billion)
  • Veterans earn free agency after fourth season
  • Four-year rookie contracts, with team option for fifth year
  • Lower rookie salaries, with cap on team spending for rookies
  • Later training camps, no more full-contact, two-a-day practices
  • Offseason team activities (OTAs) reduced from 14 to 10

One of the contention points for the players is that they want an opt-out clause 7 years into the 10-year deal.  In addition, players do not want to recertify until after the lockout is lifted and they are allowed into the training facilities, the owners what the players to recertify as a union before owners lift the lockout.

Now it is up to DeMaurice Smith to convince the NFL players to accept the proposal.  (Let’s hope he doesn’t mess this part up).  They are scheduled to vote sometime today.

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