Update on NFL/NFL PA Labor Disput: Both Sides Continue To Negotiate

The National Football League and the former NFL Players Association have both acknowledged that “confidential discussions” have been going this week before Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan.  These meetings are a continuation of last week’s face to face discussions between Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL PA chief executive officer Dee Smith who met outside of Chicago who both allegedly believe that face-to-face negotiations will more likely to lead to a new collective bargaining agreement than court actions.

Commissioner Goodell state: “Both sides are working hard to reach an agreement. That’s a positive step for everybody. … We are going to continue to work at it. I believe both sides want to find solutions. I’m hopeful we’re going to be successful.”

Both sides appeared before the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing whether the lockout is legal or not.  The Court stated that it will rule in “due course”, however, Judge Kermit Bye, advised the two sides to work it out, saying the court’s decision likely will be “something both sides aren’t going to like.”

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