More NFL Coaches Come Forward Supporting Owners.

Coaches from the Eagles, Jets, Cowboys, Chiefs, Texans, Rams and Bills have come forward stating that they do not support nor in any way condone the brief filed last week by the NFL Coaches Association with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals supporting the players in the labor dispute.

The NFL Coaches Association filed a brief with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on May 25 expressing support for the players and saying that the lockout is putting their jobs in jeopardy.  No individual coaches were identified in the brief but stated that the eight new coaches hired this year face overwhelming odds of success if the lockout is not lifted soon.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said he and his staff were unaware the brief was being filed.  “We were surprised by the filing and do not support it in any way.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan said the brief “came out of left field”. “Nobody knew it was filed and nobody approved it being filed, so that’s where it is.”

The Cowboys staff sent a letter to the NFLCA stating. “We did not provide (NFLCA executive director) Larry Kennan with the authority to file such brief on our behalf and do not agree with the brief’s position.”

Addtionally, Bills coaches are supporting the Owners despite having their salaries cut and pension-plan payments suspended.  The team has made cuts in salaries ranging between 20 and 25 percent, while also suspending contributions to employees’ pension and 401K plans.

Offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins expressed his support for team owner Ralph Wilson.  “Our entire staff had no prior knowledge, nor were we consulted that the Amicus brief was being filed on behalf of the coaches.  We support Mr. Wilson. Our focus is on our preparation for the 2011 season.”

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