New York Knicks’ GM WIll Not Return Next Season

The New York Knicks announced that Donnie Walsh will not return as president and general manager when his contract expires at the end of June. “Following a long series of discussions regarding his future role with the New York Knicks, Donnie Walsh and I have mutually agreed that he will be leaving his position … […]

8th Circuit to Hear Arguments in NFL/NFL Labor Dispute.

Oral arguments will begin at 10:00 central time and are expected to take a couple of hours as NFL and the former NFL Players Association try to convince the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that their position is the correct position regarding the12-week-long lockout of the NFL players.  Former President George W. Bush’s solicitor general, […]

More NFL Coaches Come Forward Supporting Owners.

Coaches from the Eagles, Jets, Cowboys, Chiefs, Texans, Rams and Bills have come forward stating that they do not support nor in any way condone the brief filed last week by the NFL Coaches Association with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals supporting the players in the labor dispute. The NFL Coaches Association filed […]