Top Professional Athletes Continue To Make Millions.

The top 50 highest-paid athletes earned a combined $1.4 billion, or an average of $28 million each, last year. This figure is 11% less than the preceding year due to three factors: Tiger Woods’ lessoned earnings, the inactivity of boxer Floyd Mayweather (earned $65 million), and the NFL lockout.  (The top two picks in last year’s draft, Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh, had contracts with guarantees of $50 million and $40 million).

Women are again under-represented, with tennis player Maria Sharapova being the only woman in the top 50. (29th – earnings of $24.2 million).

The top 10:

1. Tiger Woods                 $75 Million 

2. Kobe Bryant                  $53 Million 

3. LeBron James                $48 Million
4. Roger Federer                $47 Million 

5. Phil Mickelson                $46.5 Million 

6. David Beckham              $40 Million 

7. Cristiano Ronaldo            $38 Million 

8. Alex Rodriguez               $35 Million
9. Michael Schumacher        $34 Million 

10. Lionel Messi                  $32.3 Million

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