Top Professional Athletes Continue To Make Millions.

The top 50 highest-paid athletes earned a combined $1.4 billion, or an average of $28 million each, last year. This figure is 11% less than the preceding year due to three factors: Tiger Woods’ lessoned earnings, the inactivity of boxer Floyd Mayweather (earned $65 million), and the NFL lockout.  (The top two picks in last […]

NFL Players/Owners Hold “Secret” Meeting to Discuss CBA.

Unbeknownst to NFL players, the media and even some NFL franchise owners, Commissioner Roger Goodell, Cowboys Jerry Jones, Patriots Robert Kraft, Panthers Jerry Richardson, Giants John Mara and Steelers Dan Rooney was among an entourage that flew into DuPage Airport outside of Chicago to meet secretly with NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith and […]

The Debate Continues: Should Student-Athletes Scholarship Awards Be Increased?

With the “Tattoo Parlor Scandale”, Reggie Busch returning his Heisman Trophy since he and his family decided his service to USC was worth more than the scholarship amount he was receiving, and Cam Newton’s father attempting to sell his son’s services to the highest college bidder, the big question colleges and universities need to ponder […]