NFL Coaches Continue to Side With NFL Owners.

It began with the Washington Redskins, and now the Jacksonville Jaguars’ coaching staff has come forward saying that they did not support the brief filed by the NFL Coaches Association with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals siding with the former NFL Players Association.

Jaguar Head Coach Jack Del Rio said both he and his staff had no knowledge of the position the NFL Coaches Association was taking.

“I checked with our guys and not one member of our coaching staff had knowledge of last week’s brief filed by the coaches association prior to the news breaking,” Del Rio said. “None were consulted or involved in any way. This action was taken without approval. Heck, it wasn’t even mentioned to any of us.  We just hope that this all gets resolved soon so we can get back to coaching up our guys.”

Additionally, New Orleans Saints linebackers coach Joe Vitt stated that New Orleans’ coaches were “appalled” by the brief filed by the NFLCA.

“We’re supporting the owners,” Vitt told the newspaper. “I’ve said this a million times, our organization has been built on trust. Benson has been great to us. Unequivocally, we support our ownership.”

The NFL Coaches Association does not represent all current NFL coaches since, unlike the former NFLPA, it does not require a NFL coach to become a member. The decision of whether to join the Association or not is left up to the individual coach.

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