Charlie Zegers: “NBPA Files to Prevent NBA Lockout.

Charlie Zegers has written a great article concerning the National Basketball Players Association filing a claim against the NBA with the National Labor Relations Board entitled: “NBPA Files to Prevent NBA Lockout.”

Here is an excerpt, but for the entire article please go to the  link provided below:

The first shots have been fired in the NBA’s battle for a new collective bargaining agreement. This week, the NBA Players Association filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the NBA has not bargained in good faith. What does that mean, and will It prevent the labor meltdown basketball fans have been dreading? I spoke to attorney and sports law expert Robert J. Romano about the NBAPA’s move – and what might come next.The NBAPA’s filing makes two basic claims, Romano explains: that the NBA has not disclosed all the financial documents that have been requested, and that NBA officials have had communications relating to the CBA negotiations directly with the players; communications that should have been addressed to the union.Unfortunately, it’s impossible for an outsider to know whether or not these claims have any “meat” to them. Without first-hand knowledge of the negotiations to date, we don’t know exactly what the NBAPA requested, or what the league has delivered to this point.

Even if the NLRB rules in the players’ favor, that probably won’t be enough to prevent a lockout, for reasons of timing alone. The board will set up some sort of schedule to allow both sides to present evidence or have a formal hearing, but it is highly unlikely that any ruling will be in place before the current collective bargaining agreement expires on June 30. The NFL filed a similar complaint with the NLRB back in mid-February, relating to the NFL Players Association’s plans to decertify; they have yet to receive a formal ruling.