NFL Coaches File Brief With 8th Circuit In Support Of Players

The NFL Coaches Association filed a brief with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which supports the former NFL Players’ Association and, in addition, claims the lockout affects their jobs as well.

“Owners and fans increasingly demand immediate success, and coaches whose teams cannot fulfill such severe expectations face likely dismissal, which means the uprooting of families, economic dislocation, and a significantly less promising career path,” NFLCA wrote.

The NFLCA also claim that the lockout has a significant affect on the coaches’ ability to prepare for the upcoming season, especially new coaches since they are granted two extra minicamps familiarize themselves with the players and staff.  “To meet management’s expectations, coaches need adequate time in the offseason to prepare their players for the season ahead,” the NFLCA said. “The lockout has already interfered with the coaches’ offseason plans for their players, and each day lost in preparing for the season further diminishes coaches’ opportunities to prove themselves and advance their career.”

Coaches have already lost several minicamps and the ability to organize offseason workout programs.  Coaches rely on these to meet with their players, work on the team playbooks and to prepare players for training camp that usually begins in late July.

“Preparation is a coach’s currency, and coaches rely heavily on the offseason to prepare their players for the season,” the NFLCA said. “If the NFL’s lockout denies coaches the necessary time with players, coaches will be significantly more limited in their ability to prepare their teams and to prove their value as coaches.

Coaches have had to face a reduction in wages and benefits during the lockout, with the Buffalo Bills suspending pension payments and cutting wages for all employees.  “These income reductions are occurring amid the burdens of mortgage payments, tuition, and other life costs that do not wait for the NFL to end its lockout,” the NFLCA said