37th Annual Sports Lawyers Association Conference in Washington DC

The Sports Lawyers Association will hold their 37th Annual Conference in Washington DC beginning this Thursday, May 19, 2011 through Saturday May 21, 2011. This annual event is the premier gathering of sports lawyers from around the country and this year’s conference once again brings some of the industry’s leading practitioners, academy scholars, and students together.

Scheduled topics for this conference include the following:

  •  The General Counsels’ Forum—including general counsels from all four major leagues
  •  The Executive Directors’ Forum—including the heads of each leagues players association.
  •  Media, Publicity, Fantasy Sports & Privacy Rights for Athletes
  •  Legal Impact of Agent Interference in Intercollegiate Athletics
  •  The Current State & Legality of the College BCS System
  •  Ethics for Sports Lawyers
  •  Latest Developments in Professional Sports Collective Bargaining
  •  Structuring & Negotiating Complex Transactions in Professional Sports
  •  Legal Ramifications of Head Trauma in Sports
  •  Romano On Sports – Sports Law Blog
  •  Arbitration & Mediation Update in Professional Sport

For more details on this tremendous event you can access the conference brochure here.

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