Joe Favorito: “Jorge Hits For The News Cycle”

Joe Favorito, public relations expert who has almost a quarter century of strategic communications/marketing, business development and public relations expertise in sports, entertainment, brand building, media training, television, athletic administration and business, has written a fantastic article discussing the New York Yankee Catcher, Jorge Posada entitled: “Jorge Hits for the News Cycle.”

Here is an excerpt, but for the entire article please go to the  link provided below:

For a while over the weekend it seemed like the “Bronx Zoo” days of the New York Yankees had returned, with a dash of 21st Century technology thrown in. The reeling Yanks had the Red Sox in town, a national TV game to play and were in the midst of their longest losing streak of the season. So veteran Jorge Posada is placed ninth in the order and bang…out of the lineup. One side says injury, a tweet from a relative says no injury, word gets to Fox and in the press box and away we go…an old fashioned controversy during a long game where media members are left to post and text message and fulminate over what is going on in a Yankee land that has been devoid of controversy and turmoil for several years, years which have seen the organization have success on the field but become more media friendly, less abrasive and more community minded than perhaps ever in the history of the storied organization. Who is right, who is wrong, who speaks first and how long will this go on? The tabloids are all abuzz.

Jorge Hits For The News Cycle…

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