The State of Texas is Pushing for Tougher Sports Agent Regulation Laws

They say everything is big in the State of Texas, and now the punishments on unethical agents may be bigger than ever. Texas legislators are pressing for felony convictions and 10 years in prison for agents who entice student-athletes into contracts which can cause them to lose their eligibility. “Far too many times, agents have […]

Joe Favorito: “Jorge Hits For The News Cycle”

Joe Favorito, public relations expert who has almost a quarter century of strategic communications/marketing, business development and public relations expertise in sports, entertainment, brand building, media training, television, athletic administration and business, has written a fantastic article discussing the New York Yankee Catcher, Jorge Posada entitled: “Jorge Hits for the News Cycle.” Here is an excerpt, […]

Romano On Radio: Bob Conners Morning Show – WTVN 610

Attorney Robert J. Romano will be a guest on the Bob Conners Morning Show -WTVN 610 in Columbus, Ohio, today, May 17, 2011, at 8:45 am to discuss the current state of the NFL/NFL Players’ Association labor dispute, the 8th Circuit’s Ruling on the NFL request for a stay, and many other sport/legal issues. Please listen live […]