The NCAA Penalizes Boise State – and Not for the Blue Turf!

The NCAA is at it again and has cited Boise State University with “Lack of Institutional Control” finding that the women’s tennis team committed a major NCAA violation when a tennis player competed before being officially enrolled at the school.

The NCAA also found that Boise State committed “secondary violations’ in four other sports, including football.  These violations involved impermissible housing, transportation and meals to prospective student-athletes.  The total dollar value these benefits to 63 incoming student-athletes totaled $4,934.00. The student-athletes reimbursed the school all monies which ranged from $2.34 to $417.55. (Don’t want to let a student-athlete get away with a free hamburger)

“We are deeply committed to following all NCAA rules and to ensuring that our athletic department works diligently so that our procedures reflect the highest standard,” Boise State stated. “I am disappointed that we face these allegations. It is unacceptable, and the athletic department staff understand and agree with my position.”

“Complying with NCAA rules is fundamental to who we are and how we do things at Boise State,” the athletic director stated. “We have addressed the issues and are working with the NCAA to bring this to a close.”

The school will go before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions June 10, 2011, with a final report and penalties being issued by the NCAA within months thereafter.

Now if the NCAA could just do something about the blue turf!

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