NFL Files Legal Brief with 8th Circuit.

The National Football League has filed its brief with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which states the lockout should remain in place while they fight things out in court with the former NFL Players’ Association.

Per their 18-page brief, the NFL argues two issues.  First, the federal court lacks jurisdiction over this matter, citing the Norris-LaGuardia Act which bars federal courts from interfering in labor disputes, and second, that lifting the lockout would result in the NFL being irreparably harmed.

The absence of a stay “would irreparably harm the NFL by undercutting its labor law rights and irreversibly scrambling the eggs of player-club transactions,” the NFL wrote. “Absent a stay, there will be trades, player signings, players cut under existing contracts, and a host of other changes in employment relationships” between hundreds of players and the 32 NFL teams.”

The appeals court, consisting of the same three judges that granted the temporary stay, will decide this week whether a permanent stay should be granted until the appeals process is completed.

The players, on the other hand,  need to convince the three-judge panel that by the postponement or cancellation of free agency, offseason workouts and being barred from the team facilities, they suffer irreparable harm.

When does the UFL season begin?

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