Romano On Radio: New Haven’s 960 WELI

Attorney Robert J. Romano will be a guest on New Haven’s own  Vinnie Penn Morning Show -WELI 960 AM tomorrow, April 29, 2011, at 8:00am to discuss the current state of the NFL/NFL Players’ Association labor dispute, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and many other sport/legal issues. Please listen live at Advertisements

NFL’s Request for Stay Denied.

U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson has declined the National Football League’s request to “stay” her ruling wherein she granted the NFL Players’ injunction lifting the lockout. The league, not being surprised by the ruling, commented, “We are filing tonight a request with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals for a stay of the preliminary injunction […]

Attorney Carla Varriale Successfully Argues Broken Bat Case on Behalf of the New York Mets & Major League Baseball

Mr. James G. Falzon sued the New York Mets and Major League Baseball after being injured when shards from a broken bat flew into the stands where he was sitting at Shea Stadium.  He claims, per his complaint, that more should have been done to protect him from the “break-prone” maple bats that were being used […]