The NFL & NFLPA Agree on Something: Judge Nelson’s Ruling Needs Clarification.

The former NFL Players’ Association filed a brief asking that U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson clarify her order lifting the lockout imposed by the NFL Owners and are scheduled to file a second brief arguing why a stay requested by the NFL and the Owners should not be granted.  The Owners’, not to be outdone and to keep their billable rates on par, are scheduled to file their own request for clarification.

The issue being that Judge Nelson did not indicate in her 89 page written decision when the league year should begin, when the players will be allowed back to work, when free agency signings can occur, or if there is a preferable economic system.

Since there is ambiguity in the Judge’s order, the National Football League and the individual team owners have decided to wait on implementing any conditions which will allow the players to return to work until U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson clarifies her ruling and determines whether or not to stay the decision while the NFL exercises it’s right to an appeal.

An 89-page decision and neither side can figure out what to do – amazing.

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