Romano On Radio: ESPN’s WCEM-AM Maryland

Attorney Robert J. Romano will be a guest on ESPN’s WCEM-AM in Maryland with Host Cleveland Rippon tomorrow, April 28, 2011, from 10:30am until 11:00pm to discuss the current state of the NFL/NFL Players’ Association labor dispute, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Barry Bond’s verdict, and many other sport/legal issues. Advertisements

Val Ackerman: “Is Gender a Factor When It Comes to Leadership?”

Columbia University Professor and former President of the WNBA, Val Ackerman, has written an fantastic article for ESPN W entitled: “Is Gender a factor when it comes to leadership?”   Here is an excerpt, but for the entire article please go to the  link provided below. The topic of leadership in the business world has been […]

The NFL & NFLPA Agree on Something: Judge Nelson’s Ruling Needs Clarification.

The former NFL Players’ Association filed a brief asking that U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson clarify her order lifting the lockout imposed by the NFL Owners and are scheduled to file a second brief arguing why a stay requested by the NFL and the Owners should not be granted.  The Owners’, not to be outdone […]

Washington Redskin Albert Haynesworth Charged with Sexual Abuse

Washington Redskins defensive lineman and multi-millionaire Albert Haynesworth has been indicted and charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse.  The charges stem from an incident wherein he allegedly slid a credit card down the front of a waitresses’ dress and fondled her breast while in a Washington D.C. hotel restaurant back in February 2011. Mr. Haynesworth, like […]