NFL Players Starting To Become Uneasy With the State of Labor Negotiations.

It is what the NFL Owners have been waiting for; a crack is appearing in the once united front of the former NFL Players’ Association.

A group of approximately seventy disgruntled players are contemplating retaining the services of an attorney in an effort to intervene in the Tom Brady vs. The NFL antitrust case. They do not want to contest the lawsuit, but want a place at the bargaining table since they feel that the issues in dispute can easily be resolve and once they are, they can start playing football again.

This group, consisting of mostly mid-level players as apposed to the big names like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning who are the named plaintiffs in the current litigation, are unhappy that the earlier mediation talks ended without resolution before DeMaurice Smith decided to decertify the union and file antitrust claims against the NFL.

DeMaurice Smith claims, even though he is the leader of the players’ trade association, that he is unaware that a group of players are unhappy with the current state of negotiations.

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