NFL/NFL PA Labor Dispute Update

The National Football League and the former NFL Players’ Association resumed court-ordered mediation after a three-day break.  Result – no agreement.

This mediation is the latest measure in the dispute over a new collective bargaining agreement, or lack thereof, which resulted in an antitrust lawsuit being filed by the players against the NFL and the NFL’s decision to lock out the players after they disbanded their union.

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson, after a hearing on April 6, 2011, said she would rule “in a couple of weeks” on the players’ request to lift the lockout. Said time frame is winding down and the questions becomes, how willing is either side is to come to an agreement since a ruling on the injunction could provide one side with leverage over the other.  Why pick up your football and go home now when we’re already late into the fourth quarter.

However, the losing side would certainly appeal the ruling of Judge Nelson.  That would mean more time for legal maneuvering, jeopardizing the 2011 season for NFL fans.

My two cents, sit down and come to an agreement  – soon.  If you don’t, NFL fans might not be there come the fourth quarter.

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