University of Alabama RB Mark Ingram to be Featured on the Cover of EA Sports’ NCAA Football 12

University of Alabama running back Mark Ingram will be featured on the cover of EA Sports’ NCAA Football 12 after beating out the competition that consisted of Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley, University of Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray and University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker.

Mark Ingram won this dubious “honor” via fan vote disclosed on ESPN2’s First Take.  Mr. Ingram responded to the unveiling by stating: “This is definitely at the top of my list just the fact that the fans voted it. They wanted to see me on the cover, so that’s a tremendous honor. I’m really excited about being on the cover and representing EA Sports.”

Apparently, Mr. Ingram is unaware of the fact that he will not be compensated by either EA Sports or the NCAA for using his image – even though both entities will make millions of dollars in profits from the sale of the video game.

Apparently, Mr. Ingram is unaware of the fact that former NCAA college athletes Ed O’Bannon and Sam Keller have filed federal lawsuits against both the NCAA and EA Sports for engaging in such practices.

Apparently, Mr. Ingram should have spent some more time in a  University of Alabama classrroom, or at least logging on to either Professor Dan Fitzgerald’s blog – Connecticut Sports Law or this blog – Romano on Sports – in an effort to learn some of these facts.

Apparently, Mr. Ingram spent absolutely no time in a finance course.

P.S.  Thank you Mr. Ingram for letting me use your image in this blog post – free of charge.

Former NFL Players Sue the NFLPA and Players Inc. – Round 2

Five former National Football League players have decided to sue the NFL Players’ Association in federal court alleging breach of fiduciary duty by the Players’ Association and its for-profit subsidiary, Players Inc.  The federal lawsuit claims that the Players’ Association and Players Inc. denied them, and other former NFL players, lucrative royalties from licensing deals that used their images and likenesses.

In 2009, a class action suit filed by over 2,000 former NFL players based upon similar allegations was settled for an estimated $26 million dollars.  This new lawsuit claims thousands of other players did not benefit from the terms of the 2009 settlement and therefore are entitled to royalties from Players Inc. for the use of their images in video games, trading cards and other commercial products.

Among those suing the players association this time, are Walter Roberts III, a former wide receiver for the Washington Redskins, former Baltimore Colts’ linebacker Bob Grant and former Cincinnati Bengals’ safety Marvin Cobb.

Could somebody please take my picture so I can sue?

Go Dawgs!!! Right to Jail – Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Get An Agent!

Three major college football recruits were arrested by University of Georgia police and charged with theft by taking after allegedly stealing iPods and iPhones from the varsity football team’s locker room.  It is reported that Deion Bonner, Marquise Hawkins and an unidentified juvenile were arrested, charged, and released after posting a $1,500.00 bond.

Yes, these future All-Americans stole right out of the lockers of would be teammates during an open house recruiting trip at Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall on the University of Georgia’s campus.  The value of the items stolen is approximately $2,000.00.

The legal system is nothing new to UGA student-athletes where a total of eleven players from different athletic programs at Georgia were arrested during 2010.  Based upon this fact, the only question left is when will these three pilferers sign their National Letter of Intent to play at Georgia?