New Stadium in Los Angeles – But No Team!?

The City of Los Angeles, California is expected to “publicly lay out their negotiating position” on a proposed new NFL stadium.  The stadium, which will be known as Farmers Field, will be built at a cost of over $1 billion dollars, will seat approximately 64,000 people, and is to be constructed in the downtown area.

Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry Miller is recommending that the city “maintain ownership of the land the stadium would be built on and not to sign a lease for longer than 55 years.”

I just have a few questions for Mr. Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry Miller.

One – if you lay out your negotiating position in a public forum, so that everyone knows your plan, doesn’t that take away your leverage in future negotiations?

Two – recent reports indicate that the State of California has a $25.4 billion dollar budget deficit.  Why on earth would you even consider using public funds/taxpayer money to pay for a new football stadium, when – wait for it, wait for it:

The City of Los Angeles does not, and I repeat does not, have an NFL franchise, nor is there a written commitment from the NFL to place a franchise in the City in the near future.  And, as all reports indicate, the NFL generated approximately 9.3 billion dollars in revenue in 2010.  Can’t the NFL and the NFL Owners pay for their own field to play on?

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