Attorney Daniel Fitzgerald On: O’Bannon v. NCAA

Friend and colleague, Daniel Fitzgerald,  announced that the Connecticut Law Tribune has included an article that he has written on NCAA v. O’Bannon in its special section on intellectual property law, which was published today, April 18, 2011. Here is an excerpt from the article: Sixteen years after starring in the NCAA tournament, O’Bannon is the lead plaintiff inO’Bannon v. NCAA (also […]

New Stadium in Los Angeles – But No Team!?

The City of Los Angeles, California is expected to “publicly lay out their negotiating position” on a proposed new NFL stadium.  The stadium, which will be known as Farmers Field, will be built at a cost of over $1 billion dollars, will seat approximately 64,000 people, and is to be constructed in the downtown area. […]

NFL/NFL Players’ Association Labor Dispute Update.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, the federal magistrate tasked with overseeing the mediation between the National Football League and the former NFL Players’ Association, assigned weekend homework to both sides after a second day of court-ordered negotiations ended with no signs of significant progress. The two sides met for about four hours on Friday, following […]