No Work for NBA Summer Interns – Don’t They Work For Free?

The NBA, feeling that they are not getting their fair share of the headlines because of NFL/NFLPA’s labor dispute, decided to get into the game by announcing that they are canceling both its annual Las Vegas summer league and annual summer internship program.

These two moves, together with the fact that the NBA will not be sending any teams overseas for training camp, nor scheduling any preseason games in Europe, are indicators that the League may be positioning itself for a lockout that could possible begin July 1, 2011.


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  1. What !!!…..So does this mean that no NBA team are allowed to have interns for their summer workouts?

  2. No, it just means that the League will not conduct its annual summer intern program. Each team can do what they feel is best for themselves. However, from a PR standpoint, if there is a lockout and teams need to lay off staff, it wouldn’t look to good if they kept interns who are working for free.

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